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Dec. 11th, 2007 | 08:25 pm
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Since it's pretty unlikely that anyone except me will ever read this, I've decided to use my first journal entry to gather some of favourite fic links in one place. Partly so that if someone does stumble across this they might find something new to love, and partly because my bookmarks list is growing to insane proportions.

Oh, and some of these are NC-17.

To the recs!

Harry Potter

After the Earth  A heartbreaking fic about Peter, and how everyone has someone who loves them.
The Firewhisky Incident MWPP at their fluffiest. Also slash.
Countdown OOtP, from Fred and George's POV.
Alive On Air Potterwatch ficlet, the first and possibly only.
Rosemaryandrue's Scarves and Hats fic 
Fantastic MWPP, slashy, long, practically perfect in every single way. Links to earlier chapters under author's notes.
Scrabble Crazy, but in a good way. Slytherin scrabble.
Twenty-Eight Points More scrabble, this time first war fluff.
The Abyss Gazes Also Azkaban at its darkest.
So You Want to Transfigure Yourself A Rock Band MWPP Glitterfic
Moons of Deceit Great Remus/OC epic
The Diggory Papers Pure genius. Cedric's unique take on GoF.
Beg Me For It Very NC-17, but fabulous in its darkness
Registration Cute-as-a-button Remus and Sirius (with many other cameos) ficlet
A Year Like None Other Snape, Harry and Draco family novel-length fic.

There are more, but I think that's enough to be getting on with.


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