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More Recs

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Jan. 6th, 2008 | 03:50 pm
mood: procrastinating
music: Dark Side - Tim Minchin

So, this is fun. Let's do it again.

More Harry Potter
After the End - AU, Harry/Ginny, epic! Literally. Takes you a long way from anything you could ever expect in the hp world.
Back Again Harry - Time travelling AU that's painstakingly thought out and fantastically executed.
Five Moments of Doubt - a great glimpse at Snape's final year of deception. The ending made my heart stop.
Oh, and Shoebox Project, of course. Because it is the ultimate Sirius/Remus, the ultimate marauders, the ultimate fic! *Loves*

Now what else....
Ooh, Lord of the Rings next.
A Tangled Web Fluffy, Imladris-based fic. Makes me happy, lots of plot.
At The End Of His Rope Thain!Pippin. The first fic to make me all-out cry.
Bagenders Still my favourite, I think. Awesome, and laugh-out-loud funny all the way through. Astonishingly well written.
An Eye For An Eye or anything else by Nili. She writes incredible humour, action and most of all angst. Possibly my favourite characterisation of Aragorn in the fandom.
She Gave Me Three A touching, truly sweet Gimli fic. Not the obvious choice, just lovely.
Death or Despair As with Nili, Siri can do everything, and do it well. This is the first of many excellent and substantial Aragorn fics.

I'm sure there's more, but I'll save it for another day. Next time, there will be Buffy!
Teaser ( Yeah, because there are people reading this and being teased :P )
Phoenix Burning AU, beyond great. Love it.

Thank you to the authors of all these fab fics, who have given me so many hours of joy.

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